So you have heard of FKT, well this is the Augusta Trail Runner version we call FART & SHART


ATR : Fairly Adequate Record Time


ATR : Slowest Humanly Achievable Recorded Time

RULES: At this time the only rules are you have to complete one of the segments listed below in a single RUN/HIKE/WALK/CRAWL and that event must be recorded on STRAVA and submitted to this email address. When you submit your time please note if you were going for the FART or SHART. ;)


  • FATS: (Currently Unnamed) All of the Forks Area Trail System trails in one push, this includes north and south trails.

  • BARTRAM: (Currently Unnamed) The entire lenght of Bartram Trail end to end and back. Aprox 50 Miles.

  • MODOC: (Currently Unnamed) Modoc, Wine & Turkey Creek trails. Figure out how to connect them on your own.

Ideas for other segment options? Submit them here. The only requirement is they must be at least an ultra distance.

Thanks to our local legend Wes who contributed to this absolutly amazing concept.